HED South Africa is a men's boutique studio specialising in the revolutionary art of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)



Scalp Micropigmentation (commonly known as SMP or micropigmentation) is a cosmetic tattoo that creates natural-looking hair follicles using microneedles and organic pigments. This gives the illusion of a completely full head of hair, closely shaved to a “buzz cut.” When this procedure is performed by a trained and experienced SMP practitioner, the results appear 100% natural. Your work colleagues, friends and family members won't be aware that you’ve undergone treatment. The most common feedback in this respect is that clients receive compliments of looking younger or healthier.


SMP is not a cure, but it is a highly effective cosmetic concealment. By implanting organic black pigments into the scalp, the appearance of natural hair follicles is given. The contrast between the scalp and hair is reduced, creating a wonderful illusion of a full head of hair.


This treatment can be done without shaving your head. That means you can still retain your long locks as we work on covering up the appearance of the bare scalp. Once the density work is done, you will find that your scalp is no longer as noticeable and your hair should do a good job of completing the natural look. SMP can be performed on bald, receding, thinning clients and people who are looking to camouflage scars, burns or hair transplant scars. This technique is also great for clients who suffer from with medical conditions such as alopecia or cancer.


Scalp micropigmentation is becoming more and more popular due to its natural and undetectable results.

Each hairline design, hairline finish and follicle replication is customised according to our client's unique facial feactures and head shape. 


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Hair Density 


SMP can be a wonderful addition to a head of hair that has good coverage but poor density. Micropigmentation can add a base layer of colour to the scalp and alleviate the contrast of hair to skin.

Hairline Rejuvination


We can now reverse your receding hairline and instantly bring back your youthful appearance!

Blending the new hair follicles seamlessly with your remaining hair, you can regain your confidence and feel you again.

Scar Camoflauge


A common byproduct of hair transplant procedures - scars can leave unsightly, pale, bald patches at the back of your head.

Our scar camouflage is the perfect way to hide this side effect and blends in with your natural hair colour.

Our fully equiped studio is based inside the Brow Boutique South Africa premisis. Our studio is private, secure and surrounded by the lush Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.


We pride ourselves on giving our guests our undivided attention. All of our procedures are one-on-one and by appointment only.

Sheldon Smith 

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, immediately after finishing school, Sheldon took up his love for art in the form of tattooing, getting his first apprenticeship at Winston Ink, where he completed his 2 year apprenticeship. Sheldon then moved to Johannesburg to pursue a more diverse tattoo community and client base, and has since worked for studio’s across Johannesburg such as Dakota Lee, SA Hardcore and Tattoo World before opening a private tattoo studio close to the beautiful Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Ruimsig, Johannesburg. 


After struggling with his own balding at a young age,  he became entriqued by SMP and decided to expand on his tattoo knowledge, and persue training in Scalp Micropigmentation. Sheldon is internationally qualified and holds an ABT accredited certfication in Scalp Micropigmentation under the prestigious Piotr Fliger, from British based Scalp Solutions by Fliger. 


Jess Hollingdrake 


Jess Hollingdrake is the owner and Master Artist of Brow Boutique South Africa. After completing a diploma in photography from Vega Brand School,  A Business and Brand Managment qualification and then Interior Design through a London College, Jess decided to turn her passion for aesthetics and love of tattooing into the niche beauty industry. 


Jess established herself as one of the first Microblading artists in South Africa after qualifying with international Masters Training in Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Colour Knowledge and Pigment Removal . She also holds an international OSHA certification in the knowledge of Blood-borne Pathogens as well as Advanced PMU training through Swiss Color.  Jess is a full member of PCASA - Permanent Cosmetic Association of South Africa and an Affiliate and Corporate Member of the SAAHSP (South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals) and is a well known trainer in South Africa. 








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